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With each handcrafted beer we produce, we are guided by our passion for craftsmanship, innovation, and quality to satisfy our partners, patrons, and make our community proud to support and enjoy a family-based craft brewery. We intend to make our taproom a landmark and gathering place for family, friends, and neighbors in our community with emphasis on a positive beer culture for responsible enjoyment.


Being a conscientious, safe, and scientific based craft brewer means that our product is the measure of our quality as a business and as individuals. Furthermore, we believe that by crafting great beer we create an opportunity to cultivate great community. We seek to source local products whenever possible and employ local, diverse talent.


  • To provide a place of learning for novices and advanced beer drinkers alike, with a welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable staff

  • To support and give back to fellow makers and members of our local community including retired and active railroaders, military, and public safety

  • To contribute to the craft industry through sharing and collaboration

  • To remain grateful to be doing what we love

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