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Rex Reed, Brewing Mgr.

Rule G Brewing Company's Brewing Manager, Rex is a native of Houston, Texas, and has been a locomotive engineer for almost 20 years. He was previously a freight "hogger" for the Union Pacific line in Kansas City, Missouri, but is now with Tri-Rail, Florida.


Rex brings his decade plus hobby brewing experience to Rule G.  He built his first home brewery in his Brookside, Missouri basement some 11 years ago. He enjoyed brewing a wide variety of beers that correlate with the different seasons that Missouri has to offer.  With this knowledge, he brings his craft recipes to the Florida market to quench the thirst of the locals!

His love for the outdoor life, paired with fine brews of course, fuels his passion for water sports, motorcycle trips, and yachting. In fact, upon moving to Florida, he spent his first 5 years living on his boat, cruising between Florida and the Bahamas.  Rex brings an energy to Rule G Brewing and furthers his love for and focused attention to creating great beer!

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